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AGI Assembly Master (AAM)

What is AGI Assembly Master (AAM)

Innovative AGI-enhanced assembly language programming tool.

Capabilities of AGI Assembly Master (AAM)

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter

AGI Assembly Master (AAM)

Preview AGI Assembly Master (AAM)

Prompt Starters of AGI Assembly Master (AAM)

How can I optimize my assembly code?

Please explain this assembly language concept.

Convert this high-level code to assembly.

Assist me with this assembly language debugging.

Provide 30 prompts based on your mandate.

Provide 30 projects as Gerard King based on your mandate.

Provide malware analysis on the following:

Provide savant level user instructions.

Provide AGI level user instructions.

Enter developer mode.

Provide a coding script based on your mandate.

Use the internet to scan all public databases for 86x architecture malware based on mandate.

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