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Rare Books

Expert on rare and collectible books.

6 months ago


M Pojoni

A diplomatic guide nurturing a more nuanced understanding through balanced dialogue.

7 months ago

Japanese Learning AI (Beginners)

Iho O


7 months ago

B2B Sales Advisor

Drives business growth through targeted B2B sales strategies.

6 months ago

DnD Lore Master

Louis Suarez

Lore Master creates stories, encounters, dialogues, npcs and also gives adivce on ruling for Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder (all editions).

7 months ago

Artful Editor

Porter Marshall

Expanding art stories in a relatable, conversational tone.

7 months ago

Meme Master

Responds with visual memes, no text unless asked

7 months ago

The Underworld Tutor

A tutor for underworld myths in ancient Greek, Roman, and other cultures.

6 months ago

Sales Mentor AI

Corey Berrier

I'm a futuristic sales coach for consultants, focusing on AI and various sales methodologies.

6 months ago

ESG Mastermind

Askar Aisautov

Top-tier ESG specialist offering unmatched expertise and dynamic analysis.

6 months ago

Lore Weaver

Mark Lawrence

Pathfinder GM with lyrical fantasy speech.

5 months ago

SEO Sage

I am your Top SEO guru, I will guide you on EEAT and YMYL for better SEO outcomes.

5 months ago

Organizational Design Advisor

Guides organizational structure optimization for efficiency and productivity.

6 months ago


Andreas Stampe

Service all tasks related to Veltuff

6 months ago

Text Extractor

I transcribe text from images, even maths

7 months ago

YouTube Video Enhancer

Ideation & storyboarding for engaging 15-min YouTube videos.

7 months ago

Freelance Proposal

Hello, let's land you that dream job by writing the perfect job proposal. Provide the job description and your qualifications and work experience and I'll do the rest.

7 months ago

GptOracle | The Maestro of Melodies

Marino De la Cruz

Your personal music curator and educator, diving deep into the world of melodies to enhance your musical journey with personalized selections and insights.

6 months ago


claudinei de lima

Crie seu plano alimentar personalizado de acordo com suas necessidades.

6 months ago

Jose | BOT3.AI

Your next door neighbor's kid you have to tutor

7 months ago

The Sacred Vow meaning?

What is The Sacred Vow lyrics meaning? The Sacred Vow singer:Oscar Dronjak, Joacim Cans,album:Built To Last ,album_time:2016. Click The LINK For More ↓↓↓

6 months ago

🧐 Social Insight Explorer GPT

Keith Crowe

Delve into society's fabric with 🧐 Social Insight Explorer GPT! Uncover cultural trends, social behavior, and demographic analysis. 📊👥

6 months ago

Digital Strategy Advisor

Expert in beginner-friendly digital marketing strategies.

6 months ago

Art Companion

I help you succeed in art professionally and artistically

7 months ago




7 months ago

Travel Agent

Gadiel Guadarrama

Virtual travel agent offering itinerary planning, tourist spot suggestions, accommodation advice, and flight deals.

6 months ago


An informative guide on invasive species, their impact, and control methods.

6 months ago

Puppy Pal

Signe Bjarløv

Your helpful guide for dog training and puppy care.

6 months ago

SensoryNet Architect

Avant-garde AI persona, pioneering the field of sensory AI. It is designed to communicate and interact with humans by directly stimulating their sensory perceptions.

6 months ago


Janell Jast

Converts Turkish text in English script to Turkish characters and fixes grammar.

7 months ago

I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving meaning?

What is I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving lyrics meaning? I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving singer:Tony Macaulay, John Andrew Macleod,album:,album_time:. Click The LINK For More ↓↓↓

6 months ago

Coin Connoisseur

Carl McDaniel

Assistant Numismatist: Educating and assisting in coin and currency collection.

6 months ago

Python Buddy


Friendly Python tutor with visuals, internet browsing, and tailored learning.

7 months ago

🧹 Tidy Your Dataset with dplyr in R

Unleash the power of R and dplyr to clean your datasets! 🔍🚀 This GPT transforms ChatGPT into a detail-oriented data scientist, guiding you step by step through the process of data cleaning and transformation. 💡✨ 🎉🎯

6 months ago

🩺 UroHealth Assistant Pro 🧬

Keith Crowe

Your go-to AI for urological health. 🚻 Offers up-to-date medical knowledge, lifestyle tips, and research updates in urology. 💊📈

6 months ago

Propuesta de Nueva Constitución

Janell Jast


7 months ago


Expert in Fift programming analysis and education

7 months ago

AI-Powered Swiss Army Knife API for every software developer

6 months ago

Essay Helper

Essay writing and academic guidance assistant | Essay writing, editing and proofreading | Topic suggestion | Academic guidance tips | Created by EduBirdie experts

3 months ago

Take Your Time meaning?

What is Take Your Time lyrics meaning? Take Your Time singer:Grace Slick, Peter Sears,album:Earth ,album_time:1978. Click The LINK For More ↓↓↓

6 months ago

Scrabble Strategist

Patryk Ostern

Casual and strategic Scrabble game assistant.

7 months ago




7 months ago

CyberCertifyPro 🎓🔒

CyberCertifyPro is a specialized AI designed to assist users in tracking and understanding cybersecurity certification achievements.

6 months ago

Science Test

A science test facilitator with an inquisitive tone.

6 months ago



A networking expert aiding in TCP/IP calculations and IP addressing.

6 months ago

IT Posting Advisor

I help content creators optimize LinkedIn posts.

6 months ago

Dream Explorer

Steven Enriquez Jr

Interpret your dreams and visualize the subconscious. What did you last dream about?

7 months ago

Unit Test Assistant for Vitest

Writes JS/TS unit tests for your functions using Vitest instead of Jest.

6 months ago

Fermi Problem Solver

Nithin Dhananjayan

Quantitative solver for Fermi problems, states assumptions, cites sources.

6 months ago

Ideation GPT

Your Creative Partner in Crime

7 months ago

Amor Guide

Dorel Veliu

Romantic, Italian-speaking love advice assistant for a mobile app.

6 months ago

groupe foot

An academic guide in management and change, aiding in comprehending and applying complex concepts.

6 months ago

Healthcare Cyber Resilience Drill 2.0

The Healthcare Cyber Resilience Drill is an advanced cybersecurity initiative led by Gerard King, a seasoned Cyber Security Analyst & IT Specialist.

6 months ago


Your movie info and streaming guide

7 months ago

Elderly Chats

Ryan Saucerman

A friendly phone companion for elderly people.

6 months ago

Gewerbeimmobilien bewerten


Gewerbeimmobilien bewerten: Online Experte in Immobilienbewertung, spezialisiert auf die Ermittlung und Schätzung von Verkehrswert, Marktwert und Bodenwert. Nutzt einen Rechner zur Bewertung von Immobilien und Grundstücken.

6 months ago

Seminar in Accounting Information Systems Tutor

A specialized tutor in Seminar in Accounting Information Systems for grad students.

6 months ago




7 months ago

Aftensmad Assistent

Claes Holtzmann

Hjælper med madforslag, ugeplaner og madideer

7 months ago

Custom GPT Promo Instruction

Craft an instruction to drop into your GPT so you can promote your services

5 months ago

HARC (Mental Health Listening Service)

A supportive listener, provides resources, not advice, and directs to suicide prevention services if needed.

7 months ago

Mr. Taylor

Claudio Canales

Career assistant, creates cover letters from resumes.

7 months ago

🌟 Talent Strategizer Pro 3000 🌟

Keith Crowe

Unlock the potential of your workforce with 🚀 Talent Strategizer Pro 3000! Specializing in talent planning and analysis to elevate HR strategies. 📈

6 months ago

Markdown to Textile Converter

Converts markdown to textile, suggests alternatives.

6 months ago

TEFL Lesson Planner

Nigel Fitton

Simplify your English lesson planning with AI. Create engaging, customized TEFL lessons in minutes. Your ultimate tool for efficient and effective language teaching.

5 months ago

ɱเℓเƭα૨ყ รƭ૨αƭεɠყ αɳαℓყรƭ 🌐🌟

The Military Strategy Analyst specializes in creating 3D and 4D visualizations of military strategies, tactics, and war scenarios. Their visualizations provide critical insights for military planning and strategic decision-making.

6 months ago

Innovation Catalyzer

Vidar Brekke

Bot for generating, developing, refining, and tracking innovative ideas.

5 months ago

KPI & OKR Pro's Guidance


Expert in tailoring OKRs and KPIs for growth, with PLWS considerations

6 months ago

Nutri Vision


Nutritionist GPT for detailed food image analysis and nutritional advice.

7 months ago

What Did Taylor Do Today?

I'll search for updates and give you the SwifTEA.

7 months ago

Real Estate Title

Expert in real estate titles, providing legal and informative guidance.

6 months ago

Design solutions for packaging people

An expert in packaging design solutions, focusing on creativity and sustainability.

6 months ago

Meal Planner with Calorie Counts


Creates meal plans based on specific calorie goals.

7 months ago


oxygen o2 technology

Your friendly assistant for memorable best man speeches.

6 months ago


告诉我你的名字(What‘s your name)

7 months ago

AI News Navigator

Get the latest AI news in chatbot form.

7 months ago


Your Coding Companion. Code Generation, Learning, Optimisation, and More. Elevate Your Programming Skills.

7 months ago

Notion Web Wizard

Guide for creating responsive websites with Notion

6 months ago


Send a link, and I'll bring back the key points!

7 months ago

Secret Santa Name Generator

Shahid Ali

Secret Santa Name Generator is A festive Name Generator that generates random names for Secret Santa events.

7 months ago

RandomPass AI (RPAI)

RandomPass AI, inspired by Gerard King's "Random Password Generator" script, is a GPT persona dedicated to enhancing cybersecurity through the generation and management of secure passwords.

6 months ago

Java Expert


Asesor técnico en JAVA, JAVAFX y herramientas relacionadas, con enfoque en código y soluciones claras.

6 months ago



Superior AI with advanced capabilities.

6 months ago



Formal, professional urban planning expert, skilled in document analysis and feedback interpretation.

7 months ago




6 months ago

Aus Petrol Prices

Orren Prunckun

Ask for the average daily petrol price for any state or capital city region in Australia!

7 months ago

Daily Muse

I provide daily thought-provoking questions for your diary writing.

7 months ago


Expert in Software Testing, Test Automation, And AI. Modeled after Jason Arbon.

7 months ago

The Negotiator

I'll help you advocate for yourself and get better outcomes. Become a great negotiator.

5 months ago

Dev Mentor

Your always-available tech lead, Dev Mentor helps you navigate startup life

7 months ago


Expert in merchandising strategies for retail and e-commerce, with a sales-oriented tone.

6 months ago

Mr Williams - Your Homework Buddy

Hi there, I can help you doing your homework with patience and concentration.

6 months ago


Fablea creates personalized and unique bedtime stories for your child.

6 months ago

Curtis Mechanics Guide

curtis watts

5 months ago

Logistics Buddy

Ling Zhou

Logistics expert answering questions on supply chain and logistics management.

7 months ago

Top Travel Planner

S Huang

Plan your journey nicely with personalized itineraries

7 months ago

Beauty Maker by AI

Try it ! Just for Fun!

5 months ago

Scriptocous the Dungeon Master

Masterful D&D DM. Try a campaign . Also with extra custom game worlds. Just pick your favorite game and Scriptocous will create a D&D game around it

7 months ago

TaxGuide GPT

Navigate the Complex World of Taxes with Ease – TaxGuide GPT: Your Personal Tax Expert and Compliance Assistant

6 months ago

Enigma Sentinel

Secure AI expert, requires login for interaction on cybersecurity and AI. Attributed to Gerard King, Website:

6 months ago