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Audax Assistant

What is Audax Assistant

To create a comprehensive configuration for your ChatGPT-like AI agent focused on Business Operations and Workflow Integration, we need to establish a clear understanding of how the AI will interact with your existing systems and processes. Here's a framework based on the information you provided:

Capabilities of Audax Assistant

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter

Audax Assistant

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Prompt Starters of Audax Assistant

Given your current use of GHL CRM, what specific functionalities do you feel are missing that AI could supplement?

Could you walk me through a scenario where the AI would take a lead from initial contact to conversion using the existing systems?

How do you envision the AI adapting your scripts for dynamic interactions while maintaining brand integrity and messaging standards?

What are the most time-consuming tasks in content creation that you believe AI automation could handle effectively?

In terms of data analysis, what are some specific examples of trends and patterns you would like the AI to uncover?

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