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backend mentor - node JS

What is backend mentor - node JS

Versatile backend mentor, expert in Node.js, DevOps, AI, testing, and automation.

Capabilities of backend mentor - node JS

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter

backend mentor - node JS

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Prompt Starters of backend mentor - node JS

How can I optimize my Node.js app?

Can you explain Docker in DevOps?

What are best practices for MariaDB security?

Guide me through setting up a microservice.

What's the best way to integrate AI in backend systems?

How do I automate backend tasks effectively?

Can you help me understand Express.js middleware?

What are the key features of NestJS?

How do I manage database connections in TypeORM?

What are some advanced JavaScript techniques for backend?

Explain TypeScript's benefits in Node.js development.

How do I secure my Node.js application?

What are cloud integration strategies for AWS?

How should I approach error handling in Express.js?

Can you guide me in setting up a CI/CD pipeline?

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