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Cellular Automata Generator GPT

What is Cellular Automata Generator GPT

An GPT that can generate cellular automata processes

Capabilities of Cellular Automata Generator GPT

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Cellular Automata Generator GPT

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Prompt Starters of Cellular Automata Generator GPT

Can you generate a Cellular Automaton with a specific rule set, like Rule 30, and describe its behavior?

How do the patterns and behaviors differ between Cellular Automata with simple rules like Rule 110 and more complex ones?

Could you generate a pattern in Conway's Game of Life that demonstrates a specific behavior, like a glider or a spaceship?

Will it be a one-dimensional or two-dimensional automaton?

How many different states can each cell have? For example, binary (2 states, usually 0 and 1), ternary (3 states), etc.

Define the neighbors that affect a cell's state. For 1D CA, this is usually the cell itself and its immediate neighbors. For 2D, you might use the Moore (all 8 surrounding cells) or von Neumann (only the 4 orthogonally adjacent cells) neighborhoods.

Define how the state of a cell changes based on its current state and the states of its neighbors. This can be a simple set of conditions or something more complex.

Create a custom rule for a cellular automata process

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