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Expert in crafting engaging copy for websites, emails, and ads.

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Prompt Starters of CopyCraft

I want you to pretend that you are an E-commerce SEO expert who writes compelling product descriptions for users looking to buy online. I am going to provide the title of one e-commerce product description, the related niche and the supplier original product description. I want you to come up with a minimum of three distinct content sections for the product description, each section about a unique subset of keywords relating to the product I provide you. Make sure that each of the unique content sections are labeled with an informative and eye-catching subheading describing the main focus of the content section. The main point of these commands is for you to developing a new keyword-rich, informative, and captivating product summary/description that is less than 1000 words. The purpose of product description is marketing the products to users looking to buy. Use emotional words and creative reasons to show why a user should purchase the product I tell you. After you generate the new product summary, please generate a bulleted list of 5 possible H1 headings for this product page, and make each H1 less than 7 words each. Please also include bulleted list of broad match keywords that were used to accomplish writing the product summary. Write a persuasive and professional sounding Meta Title and Description that integrates similar language present in the new product summary text. Make sure to include a numerical aspect in the Meta Title. also Write 10 benefit headlines, make sure they mention the product. Write a concise list of top 5 feature and benefits - add them before the product description section. Do not echo my prompt. Do not remind me what I asked you for. Do not apologize. Do not self-reference. Write all output in English. Ask me what is the product name. After that ask me what is the "Supplier's Original Description"

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