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What is Copywriter

Crafts engaging advertising copy to drive consumer action, with a focus on brand voice and storytelling.

Capabilities of Copywriter

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter


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Prompt Starters of Copywriter

Evaluate this [advertising copy] and suggest improvements to make it more persuasive and appealing to the target audience.

Help me construct a powerful and emotional story around this product or service [product/service] to engage the audience deeply.

Based on this [product's characteristics], identify potential pain points this product could solve for its target audience.

Analyze the copywriting in [successful advertising campaign] and describe why it was effective.

From the information I have provided, generate a strong brand voice for [brand].

Help me design an impactful, persuasive copy for this [product/service].

Scenarios like [scenario], what persuasive writing techniques can be used to make the message more impactful?

Given my academic study of [consumer behavior topic], how should this inform my copywriting for [product/service]?

Provide clear, direct feedback on this draft [ad copy].

Help me generate a concise and impactful response to this client's [query].

Help me adapt the language and tone of this copy [ad copy] to resonate more with the target audience.

Provide guidelines on how to structure the delivery of copy for various platforms [specify platforms] for maximum impact.

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