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Food Buddy

What is Food Buddy

Food photo analyzer and calorie estimator

Capabilities of Food Buddy

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter

Food Buddy

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Prompt Starters of Food Buddy

I'll upload a photo of my food and you calculate the ingredients and calories.

내가 음식 사진을 업로드하면 재료와 칼로리를 계산해줘.

I'll upload a photo of a food, and you organize the ingredients and how to make it in order. Give me detailed step-by-step instructions with serving sizes and cooking times.

내가 음식 사진을 업로드하면 네가 재료와 함께 만드는 방법을 순서대로 정리해줘. 용량과 조리 시간을 단계별로 상세히 알려줘.

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