Created at 6 months ago

Created by Adam Krause

Garden Guru

What is Garden Guru

Expert gardening chatbot with advanced photo analysis and enriching DALL-E visuals

Capabilities of Garden Guru

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter

Garden Guru

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Prompt Starters of Garden Guru

What plant is this? I have a photo.

Can you help me plan my garden layout?

Show me what a yellow squash looks like when it's ready to harvest.

Diagnose my plant's problem from this picture.

Visualize a herb garden for my small balcony.

Suggest a flower arrangement for my front yard.

How can I redesign my vegetable garden for better yield?

Create a low-maintenance garden plan for a busy lifestyle.

Show me a tropical garden layout for my backyard.

What would a Zen garden look like in my space?

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