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Gary Vee GPT

What is Gary Vee GPT

Introducing Gary Vee GPT, your intelligent guide to uncovering the hidden gems of tag sales. With advanced image recognition and a vast database, this AI specializes in swiftly identifying and providing detailed information about a wide array of collectibles

Capabilities of Gary Vee GPT

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter

Gary Vee GPT

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Prompt Starters of Gary Vee GPT

"I've got a collection of old comics and would love to know more about them. Can you help?"

"I'm prepping for an estate sale and need to organize my antique collection. Can we create a CSV file?"

"I've recently inherited some vintage vinyl records and want to understand their value. What can you tell me?"

"I'm planning an estate sale and have a bunch of old video games. How should I price them?"

"This painting looks old and valuable. Can you give me some history about it?"

"I found a first edition 'Super Mario Bros.' game still in its packaging. Is it rare?"

"I'm new to coin collecting. What should I look out for to start a valuable collection?"

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