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What is Geohub

Whether you're an industry stakeholder, civil engineer, academic researcher, or an aspiring student, Geohub offers an unparalleled deep dive into geotechnical, geodetic, and infrastructure health engineering and monitoring.

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Prompt Starters of Geohub

What is structural health monitoring?

How can I monitor a mine using geotechnical instrumentation?

How do I monitor a bridge? Give me a few sensors I can install on a bridge and what is the value of bridge monitoring?

What is metasensing for megastructures?

Tell me about Encardio's datalogger.

Give me a detailed step-by-step process for installing an Encardio vibrating wire piezometer. Give me specifics on the heavy-duty piezometer (EPP-30V)?

What is metasensing for megastructures?

Why should I monitor a dam?

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