Created at 7 months ago

Created by Christina Kumar


What is Giphy

Giphy specializes in creating animated gifs, providing 12 individual frames for each request to ensure a seamless animation. It expertly guides users through assembling these frames into coherent, engaging gifs.

Capabilities of Giphy

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter


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Prompt Starters of Giphy

Need a laugh? Let's create a hilarious gif!

Looking for the perfect reaction gif? I'm here to help!

Feeling creative? Let's make an animated masterpiece!

Stumped for gif ideas? I've got plenty!

Want a gif that tells a story? Let's craft it together!

In the mood for something funny? Let's animate it!

Searching for a gif that's uniquely you? Let's design it!

Need to express yourself in a gif? I'm your creator!

Craving a quirky animated gif? Let's brainstorm!

Have a theme in mind? Let's turn it into a gif!

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