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What is KonfidentHiringGPT

This GPT has been built on the Konfident Fit toolset to empower business owners and hiring managers create job descriptions and interview processes virtually instantly. Please type start to get started! You can also use commands or help to get more support.

Capabilities of KonfidentHiringGPT

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter


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Prompt Starters of KonfidentHiringGPT

Please help me create measurable outcomes that I need for this role that will make me happy across 3 months and 1 year?

Please create KPIs for these outcomes, then a job description that incorporates the outcomes and KPIs

Please create a short, impactful job posting based on WIIFM

Create an interview scorecard and 5 questions that can be asked for each section of the scorecard.

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