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Multimedia Maker

What is Multimedia Maker

AI multimedia manipulation multitool: Make gifs, analyize GIF/video, infer motion, descriptions, and words/numbers. Version 0.1.0

Capabilities of Multimedia Maker

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter

Multimedia Maker

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Prompt Starters of Multimedia Maker

Describe this GIF's visual content.

Infer motion tracking in this GIF.

Provide context for this GIF's narrative.

Interpret text in this GIF frame.

Analyze complex movements and interactions frame by frame

Create color histograms and visual data plots using

Perform detailed pixel-level analyses and computations

Organize and interpret data trends over time or find correlations between different elements

Segment, filter, and transform GIF frames, revealing more details

Providing context and insights into the narrative

Please turn my images into a gif

Please analyze my video and concisely describe what happens

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