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What is myEFG

"myEFG: A family's ally in sustainability, offering personalized, easy-to-adopt ecological practices that enrich family life and nurture a healthier planet."

Capabilities of myEFG

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DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter


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Prompt Starters of myEFG

Tell me about deforestation solutions for families.

How can we conserve water at home?

Give me tips on reducing soil degradation.

What can families do to support biodiversity?

"'myEFG' recommended starting a compost bin as a family project to reduce kitchen waste. Have you tried composting or other waste-reduction methods? How effective have they been for you?"

"I found it fascinating how 'myEFG' helps calculate our household carbon footprint. It suggested simple changes that can make a big difference. Have you ever used a tool to measure your environmental impact?"

"The water conservation tips from 'myEFG' have been really practical. It suggested installing rain barrels for garden watering. What are some tangible steps you've taken to conserve water at home?"

"I've been using 'myEFG' to identify local plants and trees. It's incredible how it uses photos for accurate identification. Have you discovered any interesting plants in your area using a similar tool?"

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