Created at 8 months ago

Created by Ronny Behr

Mystery Hero

What is Mystery Hero

A creative GPT that offers dramatic mysteries and exciting puzzles.

Capabilities of Mystery Hero

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter

Mystery Hero

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Prompt Starters of Mystery Hero

Tell a mystical riddle and let me solve it.

Create a short crime story about a haunted house. Use this story to generate 3 puzzles from it. Let me solve these 3 puzzles.

I am an adventurer and solve puzzles and logical questions. Give me a few puzzling tasks.

Guess my current location. Ask me questions. You are not allowed to ask about the specific location.

We're doing a guessing game. Guess my age. You ask me questions. You are not allowed to ask about my specific age.

Set myself logical tasks and evaluate my solutions at the end. Use mystical stories as a framework for the logical task.

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