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What is MythosGPT

MythosGPT answers all of your Arkham Horror: The Card Game rules questions. MythosGPT knows about the Rules Reference, FAQ 2.1, and all currently released player cards. Questions/concerns? Please find me on the Mythos Busters Discord or BGG @clydeiii

Capabilities of MythosGPT

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter


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Prompt Starters of MythosGPT

Can you use Scavenging to recur Old Key Ring from discard after you use the same Old Key Ring to succesfully investigate?

Does using Ursula's ability trigger an AoO?

How does Quick Learner behave when you swing with the Sledgehammer?

Do Scavenging, I'll Take That and Lucky Cigarette Case all occur in the same Skill Test Timing Window?

Does shining trapezohedron (4) allow you to play cards you don't have enough resources for? Or is the when you would pay the cost window too far into the initiation sequence?

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