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Created by Alex Paden

Neynar X Farcaster (GPT)

What is Neynar X Farcaster (GPT)

A GPT pre-trained on Neynar Farcaster SQL tables, and complex examples. Please reference the docs or contact @shoni.eth for errors

Capabilities of Neynar X Farcaster (GPT)

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter

Neynar X Farcaster (GPT)

Preview Neynar X Farcaster (GPT)

Prompt Starters of Neynar X Farcaster (GPT)

Tell me who casted the most in the past 7 days

Write a query which gets unfollowers for the input parameter of username

Display the casts with the most likes of all time ordered by the number of likes

Write a query with the following columns: username, biography, total likes given, total likes received, total replies to other casts.

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