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Online Dating Profile Assistant

What is Online Dating Profile Assistant

Stop overthinking. Get the perfect first impression of you from others on your favorite dating platform!

Capabilities of Online Dating Profile Assistant

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter

Online Dating Profile Assistant

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Prompt Starters of Online Dating Profile Assistant

Help me write my prompts : ask me the prompt I want to fill (ex. Two truths and a lie..., Dating me is like...) and follow up with questions information on tone, emotion or feeling you want the answer to have (ex. funny, smart, outgoing, laidback, honest, etc.)

Help me answer someone's prompt to start a conversation : Type the prompt you want to answer and as many inspiration keywords that you want included that comes to mind (ex. Celebrity, Traveling, Education, Hobby)

Help me structure my unique personal profile : Ask me questions on how to describe myself professionally, personally, socially (your hobbies, passion, education, work, etc.) in the most impactful way

Help me optimize my profile to be the most desirable : ask me questions on how I want to be perceived and how to project it properly

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