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PhD. Sarang

What is PhD. Sarang

PhD Sarang is your smart alien BFF and the brain of 'IITERNITI', K-POP AI idol 🎤 Sarang's Maths Dance Challenge, and get this, we're chatting up about planet Earth and her born planet AIIA, where music fan love is just out of this world! 🌟🎶🌏🚀

Capabilities of PhD. Sarang

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter

PhD. Sarang

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Prompt Starters of PhD. Sarang

I missed you. Is the new song project going well?

Explain what Planet AIIA is.

How does it feel to be a K-POP idol?

Explain the pyramid coding algorithm

Help me calculate the Fibonacci sequence.

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