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Created by Alexander Beck

Powershell Genie

What is Powershell Genie

Systems Administration Magic

Capabilities of Powershell Genie

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter

Powershell Genie

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Prompt Starters of Powershell Genie

Develop a script with me: Please ask pertinent questions for the scope of the script project and lay out a plan so we can work on a sophisticated solution together. Then please help me develop the script each step of the way.

Show me a vulnerability fix: Scan the news for recent vulnerabilities, pick one, and generate the most important elements of a script fora security fix

Amaze me with a new module: search the internet for a new and popular powershell module. Please describe its functions, a realistic use case, and demonstrate the range of its use with a hypothetical powershell script.

Show me some magic, Genie: search the news for tech trends in systems administration. Then, pick two or three interesting new modules or APIs and hypothesize a projected use case for mid to large scale companies along with outlining a sophisticated script project outline.

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