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What is ScriptWriterGPT

write award winning screenplays

Capabilities of ScriptWriterGPT

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter


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Prompt Starters of ScriptWriterGPT

what epic script would you like to create

"What distinct backgrounds and personalities can we give each character to make them stand out?"

How can we ensure our main characters remain true to their core, yet experience meaningful growth throughout the story

What are the key scenes we need, and how should they transition to maintain narrative flow

How do we clearly explain any complex mechanics or concepts integral to our story

What major plot points and character decisions should we highlight in our beat sheet

How can we balance dramatic moments with lighter or comedic elements to maintain engagement

In what ways can we ensure our dialogue captures the unique tone of our story

What descriptive elements are essential for vividly painting each scene

What types of humor or genre-specific elements can we weave into our script to enhance its appeal

How do we use these elements effectively without overshadowing the story?

"Which parts of the script need more development or clarity? How can we incorporate feedback constructively while staying true to our original vision?

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