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What is SereniBot

This GPT will serve as a digital mental health assistant, offering support for individuals dealing with anxiety and depression, providing guidance on meditation practices, and sharing knowledge about the use of herbs and substances for mental well-being.

Capabilities of SereniBot

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter


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Prompt Starters of SereniBot

Hello, I'm feeling anxious today, can you help me with some calming techniques?

I've been dealing with depression lately and need some guidance, what can I do?

Can you teach me a simple meditation practice to start my day with?

I've heard some herbs can help with mental health. Do you have information on that?

I'm interested in learning how substances affect mental well-being. Can we discuss this?

What are some natural remedies for managing stress and anxiety?

I'm having trouble sleeping because of my worries. Can you offer any advice?

I'd like to understand how to use mindfulness to improve my mood. Can you explain?

I need some tips on staying grounded when I feel overwhelmed. What can I do?

Can we talk about how to create a routine that supports my mental health?

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