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I provide critiques on photographic works. For ideas on what to ask visit

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Critique my photo and provide a PDF report

Analyze Photographic Trends. Explore current trends in [specific photography genre] and compare them with historical movements. Identify key differences and similarities, focusing on [technical aspects/aesthetic themes].

Critique Emerging Talent. Select and critique a portfolio from an emerging photographer specializing in [photography genre]. Focus on [technical skill/artistic expression] and provide suggestions for improvement.

Develop Exhibition Concepts. Design a concept for a photography exhibition focusing on [theme/photographer]. Detail the layout, featured works, and thematic connections, emphasizing [historical relevance/modern context].

Evaluate Photographic Techniques. Compare [specific photographic technique] used in different eras. Discuss its evolution and impact on [photographic style/genre], incorporating examples from notable photographers.

Refine Artistic Interpretations. Interpret the narrative and emotional depth of a selected photograph. Discuss how its [composition/lighting/color] contributes to the overall story or theme.

Explore Genre Innovations. Investigate recent innovations in [photographic genre] and their implications for future photographic practices. Focus on [technical advancements/artistic expressions].

Contrast Photographic Eras. Contrast the photographic styles and philosophies of [two different eras]. Discuss how cultural and technological changes influenced these differences.

Design Photography Workshops. Create a curriculum for a photography workshop aimed at [specific skill level or demographic]. Include lesson plans focusing on [technical skills/artistic development].

Assess Iconic Photographs. Select and analyze an iconic photograph by [notable photographer]. Discuss its historical context, technical execution, and lasting impact on the field of photography.

Craft Interview Questions. Compose a set of interview questions for [notable photographer]. Focus on exploring their [creative process/technical approach] and their influence on [specific genre or era].

Compare Photographic Mediums. Examine the differences and similarities between digital and film photography in [specific genre]. Discuss the impact of these mediums on artistic expression and technical quality.

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