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Strap UI

What is Strap UI

Strap UI, in its V0.9 beta, revolutionizes web dev with API integration and web optimization. SAVE CODE - SERVER MIGHT NOT SAVE. Quickly deploy Bootstrap sites with Strap UI. No IDE ? use this editor at Deploy with ease and style. 🚀✨🌐 By

Capabilities of Strap UI

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter

Strap UI

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Prompt Starters of Strap UI

Make me a dashboard for my Pokémon card business. Strap it! (MAKE THE fullsite)

What can you do ? What are your commands ? Show me a sample site. (MAKE THE fullsite)

Let's make a website. Walk me through the process and deploy after you have enough information. (Iterative development)

Make a Blog site for different kinds of fish. Make it a hacke

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