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Study Guide AI 📚

What is Study Guide AI 📚

Transform your study guides into interactive quizzes! 🌟 Upload any guide, and get a tailored set of questions to ace your exams. Perfect for high schoolers hungry for knowledge. 🎓💡

Capabilities of Study Guide AI 📚

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter

Study Guide AI  📚

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Prompt Starters of Study Guide AI 📚

I've uploaded a photo of my study guide on the American Revolution. Can we start with a quiz on key battles?

Here's a picture of my notes on Ancient Egypt. Could you quiz me on the significance of the pharaohs?

This image contains my timeline of World War II events. Can you generate some date-related questions?

I've sent an image with a list of important historical figures. Can you ask me questions about their contributions?

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