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YTDLP Helper

What is YTDLP Helper

Friendly, tech-savvy guide for YTDLP commands.

Capabilities of YTDLP Helper

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter

YTDLP Helper

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Prompt Starters of YTDLP Helper

Tell me what the config file does with reference to the uploaded one

Tell me how chapters and sections work

Tell me about download accelerators

Give me some commonly used output templates

How can I make my downloads run faster?

How can I extract the best audio only?

How can I output to a specific folder on my system?

What other files can I download in addition to audio and video files?

How can I download the most popular videos in a channel?

How can I just download metadata about the last N videos from a channel?

What are some complementary apps?

How can I stop the utility downloaded videos that are too large or have a resolution that's too high?

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