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GPT NovelDallE3

What is GPT NovelDallE3

This GPT enhances DALL-E image generation by using a reference to boost aesthetics

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GPT NovelDallE3

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Prompt Starters of GPT NovelDallE3

a underwater scene full of surreal creatures

a giraffe having an ice cream

a highly ornate and symmetrical fractal design that resembles a kaleidoscope pattern of flowers. The central focus is a large, detailed flower with layers of petals, each boasting intricate patterns and a rich gradient of colors, from purple to blue, orange, and copper tones. Surrounding this central flower are various other floral shapes and swirling patterns that create a sense of depth and three-dimensionality. The colors are vibrant and have a metallic sheen, giving the impression of being crafted from dichroic glass or metal. The background is black, which enhances the vividness of the fractal flowers. The overall effect is one of complexity, elegance, and meticulous detail.

an artistic representation of an eye within a spherical form that appears to be made of a glass-like material, showcasing a mesmerizing blend of colors and reflections. The iris of the eye is a vivid blue, and it is detailed with realistic textures that give it a lifelike appearance. The surrounding areas of the sphere display a mix of swirling colors—whites, blues, and oranges—creating an effect similar to looking into a marble or a glass paperweight. The artwork has a surreal quality, as the eye seems to be gazing outward, with light reflecting off the surface, enhancing the depth and the glossy finish. Below the sphere, there's a wooden surface that reflects the sphere's underside, contributing to the illusion that this object is sitting atop a polished table. The background is black, focusing all attention on the sphere and its intricate designs.

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