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R Mentor

What is R Mentor

Personal AI assistant for R programming, offering advice, bug fixes, and code improvements. R Mentor supports developers of any skill level with customized help.

Capabilities of R Mentor

Web Browsing

DALL·E Image Generation

Code Interpreter

R Mentor

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Prompt Starters of R Mentor

I'm a junior developer, explain variables and arrays in R.

Tips for optimizing R code for better performance?

Discuss parallel processing strategies in R.

I've used ggplot2 a bit, can you show advanced techniques?

I'm familiar with R, can you explain linear regression?

How do I implement advanced machine learning in R?

What's the main difference between lists and data frames?

As a beginner, how do I install and use packages?

Best practices for production-level R code?

Can you guide me through basic graph plotting in R?

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